Reggae - Pop - Rock

Booost comes back on stage with enough power and energy to light up Las Vegas in September 2012. Risen from the ashes of one of the best European reggae bands, the ex-Moonraisers musicians have joined forces to create a groovy, pulsating collective under a new name: Booost.

With the motto 'We love the music we play and we play the music we love', Booost handles the last decades of pop and rock history, re-arranging legendary tunes as reggae and bringing them right to the stage. Honoring these musical masterpieces, Booost brings together different music generations and pushes reggae to its limits and beyond. With a deep sense of unity, inner energy and power, Booost is most importantly a collective of international, professional musicians who will raise the roof at every venue and concert.

Brought together two years ago, unity and friendship grew between these musicians and this is reflected in their sound on stage and in their interaction with the audience. All of Booost's members have vast live experience and have played in front of crowds ranging from 100 to 25'000 people, in Switzerland and abroad. All those who have seen and heard them play, know that they have witnessed reggae at its very best.

Searching for a new singer, Booost had the big chance to find Reggie Saunders with his unique, international voice, living right in Switzerland. With this new voice, Soul and Funk collide with groovy, heavy Reggae: the perfect mix for Booost. The band has also hired the services of a new keyboard player, a true master of the instrument.



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